The Smell of Adventure

Europe has a smell. It is not always noticeable. Usually there is food, people, weather, activity, construction, etc. to smell. But early in the morning, when no one is out and the air is crisp, it is there. I don’t know what it is. Probably moldy cobblestone. But I have noticed it in multiple countries. It is the smell of adventure. Of a fresh start. Of something very exciting happening in your life.

I started my day by showing up at the VHS as soon as it opened. I decided that if I couldn’t take the integration course, I would make the best of it my taking a German class one night a week. While I was waiting, I ran into the director of the integration course, who told me I was second on the wait list, and that hopefully she will be able to call me this week!

But I still wanted to sign up for this other course. It starts tomorrow, and it probably going to be at the limit of my German. I can’t miss a class if it is going to be what I am taking. While I was registering, the man (who was so nice and friendly) helping me told me that I was actually first on the wait list! So it is very likely that I will make it into the course!

But even if I do, I think I still want this once a week course. The integration course covers levels A1, A2, and B1. The weekly course is A2. It is not that expensive, and only 3 other people are enrolled. This means that I will likely get more personal attention than in the full integration course. I will also be moving forward in my German while the integration course is still geared towards people with no German experience. Which is also an aspect I am looking forward to, as I will surely learn things I missed in my self-study.

The integration course is obviously ideal with how intensive it is. I will pick up German quickly with it. When the A2 class is over, I would stick with just the integration course, which will likely be about caught up with it. Oh, I really hope this works out! But even if not, I will still have my A2 class to help me along.

Next I wandered the city a bit until the stores opened at 9. I picked up a few things we needed, including my textbook for the A2 course. We start halfway into it, so I am going to start working through it today to make sure I am caught up.

I also got lost several times. The Altstadt is a giant circle, and streets keep disappearing on me. Getting lost normally teaches you something, but I think I got lost one too many times today. I did learn something new about the layout, though, so progress.

And all of that happened before 10am. So much for keeping super busy! I guess that is what my new textbook is for. After entertaining myself with various German things for awhile, I headed in the direction of Neugablonz. As well as picking up some 5€ flats, I wanted to surprise William by picking him up from school. It is a fair ways up there, and he walks every day until he is able to sign up for the free busing.

He introduced me to some of the people who he eats lunch with who thought my existence was so süß (very cute). So I not only made William’s afternoon better, but I made some other people happy, too.

Walked home, ran errands (as it seems like we are always doing), and made dinner. I think this week is going to be much better than the last.


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