Roots and Bikes

Today we did a little bit of work making schnapps, but generally we were in the garden again.

The strawberries were majorly overgrown and the roots of the weeds are ridiculous.We ended up digging up the entire strawberry patch because even after pulling and digging up the weeds the best we could, it was still completely filled with taproots that go at least a foot deep. We barely got any of it done, but one of our hosts worked on it in the evening, so at least tomorrow all we have to do is replant the strawberries and rake a bit. But seriously, it’s completely ridiculous. Here is just a fraction of what we pulled:

Roots for Days

Roots for Days

After work we had a huge lunch before biking into Kaufbeuren. The bikes were built for giant mutants. Seriously. Even with the seats as low as possible, William could barely sit on them. We did some bike trading until 5’2″ me found one that I could both peddle and stand over, and our fellow WWOOFer found one that wasn’t completely sketchy. Once arriving in Kaufbeuren, we walked around the old town a bit, got ice cream (only 1€ per scoop – I love Germany), and visited the V-Markt. It is a supermarket with lots of home goods as well. It has some good products with good prices, but it also has raspberries from California. So we will have to be careful there.

Pictures from the Kaufbeuren Altstadt.

Kaufbeuren Altstadt

Kaufbeuren Altstadt

The bike ride itself was quite pretty. A bit long to do frequently, though. There and back was over 10 miles. But every once it awhile it would be a lovely trip.


Fellow WWOOFer and I biking

Biking to Ingeried

William is very talented: he enjoys taking pictures while riding it bike. Needs to work on focusing

Outside Ingenried

Taking pictures of the sunset outside Ingenried, the town where we are staying.

But now between the biking and the crouching in the garden for hours on end, we are all super sore. As well as covered in mosquito bites.


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  1. Carol

    Sounds wonderful except for the sore muscles part.
    Good luck with the apartment.
    Does your fellow WWoofer have a name? And where is he from?


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