One Week in Eberswalde

It’s been a week of all over the place! Constantly feeling like there are a million things to do, intermixed with days where we had nothing to do. Which is a lot more stressful that it ought to be!

Monday we ran a variety of errands. I tried to enroll at my school, but I was missing a document. We visited the jewelry store where William is hoping to work, and it was a really positive meeting. There is miles of bureaucracy to make our way through first, but they are definitely going to work something out. Our viewing of an apartment was cancelled, due to it already being rented, so we spent a lot of time looking for and emailing apartments. Topped off with grocery shopping!

Tuesday I went back to school to enroll while William and Herbert returned the rental car. I had the right document, but it hadn’t printed right. I didn’t realize this at the time, so all they could tell me was that it wasn’t valid and I couldn’t enroll. Lots of crying and talking with the international office and the family office, in addition to student services, later, and we had a game plan to figure my life out. We also went over to the city office to register Herbert for childcare. In the afternoon we toured an apartment, which was in a great location, but up 5 flights of stairs and didn’t have a kitchen or laundry (normal for Germany, but a big up front expense for us). And Herbert got a new balance bike and helmet!

Wednesday was a “there is literally nothing we can do” day. We didn’t leave our Ferienwohung until after 11am, when we made our way to tour Herbert’s Kita. The other kids were napping or having quiet time, so we didn’t get to see them, but it seems like a really nice place. Herbert loved it and keeps asking us to go back. To start he will be in a group with 6 other 3-year-olds, and over time the class size will get larger. This is perfect, since the transition will probably be difficult as Herbert adjusts to the structure of childcare and to everyone speaking German.

Thursday I had a welcome event for international students. I met 4 other American students, two of whom are in my program. I also met 4 30-year-old students in my program, which made me feel better about being 28 when I enter my master’s program. I was worried I would be the oldest by a lot (and all the 30-year-olds had the same worry). Meanwhile, William and Herbert visited a fully furnished apartment about 10km outside of town. While inconvenient, it would be a good place to start out.

Friday I went back to school to try to enroll again. This time it worked! But the printer was broken for the student ID card. I just had to laugh! But at least now I’m officially a student at HNEE! Beyond that, we spent a lot of time at the park and had a quick trip to the library. We have been spending a ton of time at playgrounds in Eberswalde. The weather has been beautiful, if a little chilly at times, and Herbert can’t get enough. He has conquered all the slides at the large park right next to school, and he has multiple parks that he wants to “stay at for the rest of [his] life.”

Tomorrow will be a leisurely day with an apartment tour in the evening. This apartment is our top choice based on the listing. So we’re praying that it works out!


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