Arrival in Germany

On Thursday, September 12, we spent the day running around doing last minute errands before heading to the airport for our 8:25pm flight.

Thankfully the direct flight to Frankfurt was pretty uneventful, just long. We watched the new Aladdin and tried to sleep. Herbert got 4-5 hours. He continues to be an amazing traveler.

We arrived in Frankfurt around 11:30am, local time, and proceeded to wait a lot. Wait to get off the plane, wait at passport control, wait for luggage, wait for our rental car. By the way, European car seats are so much easier to install. They have a bit of a maze for the seat belt to go through, which was a lot easier to figure out than fighting with a latch system or a locked seat belt.

We drove through Friday rush hour out of Frankfurt, headed for the Harz mountains. With one brief stop to wake ourselves up and a detour for groceries, we made it to our Ferienwohnung around 7pm. It was literally in the middle of nowhere – according to the GPS, it was 2.2km down an unnamed road, near a golf course. It was a nice place to spend the night, although each of us had a couple hour period of not being able to sleep.

View from our Ferienwohnung
View from our Ferienwohnung

We had a leisurely morning the next day, before heading off into the Harz mountains to see steam trains. From there, on to Eberswalde! Some highlights included a single bouncy frog at a rest stop that Herbert spotted from the car – he made a beeline for it and couldn’t barely focus on eating lunch, even though he was continually complaining about being hungry.

Herbert on a bouncy frog.

In the afternoon we saw a lot of road construction. We really enjoyed these signs telling us how much longer the stretch of road construction would last.

Just before 5pm we arrived at our Ferienwohnung just outside of Eberswalde. We will be staying here for a little over a week while we search for an apartment. We went grocery shopping, made dinner, and went to bed.

Sunday brings what I call a government mandated day of rest. I’ve been feeling a little anxious because I feel like we have things to do and we can’t do any of them! Trying to relax and enjoy to day. No point worrying about things I can’t do anything about. We went to Mass in the morning, Herbert played at a playground, and we came back to the Ferienwohnung for lunch. In the afternoon we went to the botanical garden and walked around town a little. The weather was absolutely perfect for a lazy Sunday.


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