Getting Our Visas

To catch you up:

We moved to German on August 31, and to Kaufbeuren on September 14. We registered with the city and the following week applied for our visas. Being from the US, we enter the country with an automatic 3 month travel visa. We were told to not worry about the immigration and visa process until we were in the country.

We knew that one of the first things we would have to do is get a special bank account. Called a blocked bank account, only a certain amount of money may be taken out per month. This proves that the person (generally a student) has enough money to support themselves over the next year even though they are not working.

Unfortunately, the immigration office did not know much about the account, so it took several weeks to get the information we needed about how to set the account up and how much money we needed in it. Once we had that, we were able to go to the bank, but the banks in Kaufbeuren also did not know much about the account. They tried to set it up as a joint account, and after 3 weeks we found out it had been rejected.

So we went back to set up the account just under William’s name. We waited another 2 weeks for the account to be approved. Great! Now we could go to the immigration office and everything would be in order for our visas.

But apparently only one man in the office could verify the account information. He was out of the office when I went in, and then he was sick for a week. So we waited another 2 weeks, only for him to tell us that the account had been set up wrong. One of the blocked amounts was correct, but a second amount was wrong. Okay, that should be able to be fixed easily.

But it wasn’t. William’s account could not be changed. The only solution was to set up a second account for me, so that all the blocked amounts would add up to what we needed.

Another 2 week wait, and then my account was approved. We brought the information into the immigration office and finally – finally! – our visa applications could be processed. And with the visas, I could finally get the form I needed so that I only have to pay 120€ per month instead of 294€ for my German classes.

It took another 6 weeks to get the physical ID cards and visa information. It was suppose to take 3 weeks, but I guess with the holidays it took longer. It was also good that we ended up meeting with someone before receiving the visas who noticed that William would not be allowed to work. She fixed that and now he would be allowed to work for 10 hours per week. We paid 210€ for the visas.

And finally, finally, we are allowed to live here and have proof of that.


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