A Long Overdue Update

I last left off when William and I returned from a trip to Prague. 3 months ago. Oops.

Illness, school, and bureaucracy have all kept me a bit preoccupied. So I’ll give a quick update before I dive into the bureaucracy later on.

Following Prague, we did a lot of cleaning to prepare for William’s mom, sister, and aunt visiting. William met them up in Regensburg in the first week of November before accompanying them to Kaufbeuren. Because of my German course, I had to stay home and I missed the tours of Kaufbeuren. But I could still enjoy dinner at our favorite Döner place, the large family dinner we made, and a hike up to the Eisenberg Castle. Well, William and I enjoyed that at least.

On Friday that week, William’s family went to Munich. We tagged along, eating at the Hofbrauhaus and an Italian restaurant. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so William and I enjoyed walking a lot. His aunt took us to a concert at the Philharmonie. At night we went back to Kaufbeuren because the round trip train ticket was significantly cheaper than a hotel. It was wonderful to see everyone, although we were definitely tired after so much travel. William had the week off, but I still had school on top of travel.

After a couple weeks, the weather turned cold and we got our first snow. It stuck around for a bit and the week of Thanksgiving I got quite sick. The cold, wet air killed my throat. We were going to make a small Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves, but I was too sick to do anything. I couldn’t leave the house without breathing becoming painful and my cold worsening for the rest of the day. Luckily after 3 days of rest, fluids, natural remedies, and not leaving the apartment I upgraded to a stuffy nose that lasted about a week.

Shortly after the weather warmed and the snow melted. We visited the Wieskirche, a basilica, and a Christmas market with a man from the English Conversation Club. The weather was beautiful and the grass was green – it felt like a spring day! The following weekend we visited a mall in Kempten with some other friends.

We have been having quite a warm winter. Christmas was green and in the 50’s! New Year’s Eve was spent watching an organ concert in town, followed by some German TV for the countdown. Fireworks all over town went off until 12:30-1am. Mostly, however, we spent our winter breaks sleeping!

Towards the end of January, things will school are still going well. We are about halfway through our A2 book in German class, and William still enjoys his classes. Even if we do make fun of his math class at times.


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  1. Carol

    Nice report of my visit to Kaufbeauren. Sure was great to see you both.
    Love, Mom


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