This morning, after spending forever learning how to conjugate verbs, we learned the alphabet.

In my 2 years of self study, I have never taught myself the German alphabet. Which means I can’t spell in German. If someone needs to know my name, I have to write it down for them. So today was actually a really important day for me. This is why I wanted to talk the integration course from the beginning. I may already know how to conjugate regular verbs in the present tense, but if I had waited until November to join, I would have remained unable to spell.

And I actually ended up using my new skills today! It is still tricky and unnatural, but I’ll get there. I phonetically wrote out how to spell my name so I can practice.

The rest of the day was dealing with obnoxious settling in stuff. It’s been over a month. Seriously. This should be done.

First, I went to Aufwind to talk to them about getting our furniture finally delivered. Turns out that our dresser disappeared, so we had to pick out a new one when William got off school. The new one is actually much nicer, so that worked out well. They should be delivered this week.

Next was the bank. It was really hard to get the banker to realize what we needed, but eventually it happened. We are going with Deutsche Bank, because even though you should be able to do this with any bank, they actually have the information and forms on their website, which means all the bankers can actually help us. Unfortunately, we have to fill out the form that they send off to get approved. It can take a long time to actually get things processed. Why didn’t we get this taken care of earlier?

Mostly I am just worried about the visas. The immigration office makes it sound like we are going to be issued our visas even if we don’t have the bank account set up right away. Which is great. But if not….I don’t know if this is all going to be processed in time for me to get my discount on the integration course. And it is going to be hard to afford a second month without that. I’m pretty sure we can make it work, but it’ll be tight. But I guess there is no use worrying about it until we know one way or the other.

Overall I am entering this week feeling good. We had a great weekend, we have our trip to Prague booked, and school is going well for both of us. We finally have a lead on a bank account, and we might actually be able to put our clothing away soon. All good things.


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