Hallo und Guten Tag!

Welcome to Flourishing in Deutschland! For those of you who don’t know, my husband William and I are moving to Kaufbeuren, Germany on August 30, 2015. One month from today. We will be there for three years while William attends school for goldsmithing.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing information about us and the adventure we are embarking on. Once we depart, I will use this blog as a journal to chronicle our experience and keep all our friends and family (that’s you!) back home updated. I hope to also share helpful information for other expats like we will soon be.

It is going to be quite the adventure! While William attends school in German (including a German literature course), I will be taking an integration course for 4 hours a day to learn German language and culture. We will both be navigating life in a small German town with only about 35 other Americans. And a view of the Alps. Definitely not upset about our location in a small town an hour from München and an hour from the Alps.

View of the Alps in Kaufbeuren

Oh, and I’ll probably throw in German words and the German spelling of towns. No worries, I’ll try to keep it to the obvious ones.

If you want to keep updated on our German happenings, but don’t want to check back here every day, you can sign up to receive newsletters from me here –> Email Sign Up. I’ll be sending out an email about once a week with links to all the new posts.



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