Summer Plans

Summer is here, and it’s bringing big changes with it.

For a long time after my last update, nothing too exciting happened. May was a very stressful month for me: I had 2 courses for my Master’s program. That meant 3 weeks of full time school (and 2 presentations), with my German class, my internship, and a family happening in the background. I was sick two of those weeks, too. Then I had a German presentation one week after those classes ended.

Once I recovered from May, it was time to throw my focus onto the last few weeks of German class. June 18 was my DSH exam – a language exam specifically designed for university admissions. We got the results back today: I earned a DSH-3 on the written exam and a DSH-2 for the speaking portion. This translates to a DSH-2 overall, or approximately a C1 level. Although I don’t plan to attend university in German, I am thrilled to have an official certificate for my efforts.

In theory I should be able to relax now and just focus on finishing up my internship. But of course that would never do. I have had this week to only work on my internship, then next week begins Herbert’s summer break. And after that…we’re moving! On August 1 our little family will be getting on a plane and returning to Minnesota. It was a bittersweet decision for us and we are really sad to be leaving Germany. But in the end, after 2 years of not seeing family, it’s time to go home. We do plan on working to maintain Herbert’s German skills, and I plan on using this blog to share what we are doing.

Until then, we are taking advantage of relaxing COVID restrictions to explore Brandenburg and Germany for the first time. A couple weekends ago we took a train to Schwedt, on the Polish border, and this weekend we are taking a trip to Hamburg. Can you believe neither William nor I have ever been there?

I’ll share another update or two before the move!


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