Wednesday did not get off to a good start for me.

William had a field trip on the second day of school, so he only had to go to the train station at 8:45 this morning. On his way there, he walked me to a place very close to the apartment that the VHS told me also offers the integration course. When we finally found the person we needed, she told us that the class was full and I couldn’t even get on the wait list without a recommendation from the unemployment office.

Which I can’t go to. Because I don’t speak German! That’s why I was there!

I had a nice good cry while walking William to the train station after that. I need to take this class. I can’t wait until April to start learning this language. I mean, yes, I do know a bit of German. But that is from two years of self study and I am barely functional. Self study isn’t going to keep my from crying 3 times before noon because I have no idea what is going on around me.

I mean, I managed to run my errands and get to the library to do some work. But I barely understood what I was doing at times and I never knew what was happening around me. It is uncomfortable and scary and I can’t live like this for the next 7 months before I can even start making improvements. I did understand, however, that for the second time at the V-Markt, I heard a Backstreet Boys song playing.

I took a nap and did a little bit of brain storming for a project before William got home. I was very glad to hear that he had a good day. My job in this life change is to support him and give him the strength to take on this challenge. And I was not up for that today.

But things got so much better in the evening. After dinner and and talking with one of our roommates and the landlord about everything we need to do (good news – we know that at least two of the roommates smoke, but would never even consider doing it inside), we headed down to the Irish pub in town.

Every Wednesday night, they have a English conversation table. I seriously needed that and it was even better than I could have expected. In addition to Germans looking to practice their English, we also talked with 4 Syrian refugees and a woman from Texas. There was also a man from England and a man from West Africa, but we didn’t talk to them much.

The woman from Texas was so excited to meet us. Her husband is German military, and I don’t think she was built for expat life. She gave us her phone number and invited us to come to her house for dinner sometime. Both she and her husband told us to let them know if we needed anything.

Everyone at the conversation club was so nice, and I am really glad that we found this group. They all wanted to know all about why we are here. Interestingly, everyone we have talked to expect the Americans (at both the conversation club and William’s school) have been very surprised to hear that we are married so young. Usually they immediately asked how old we are!

So that was a definite improvement to the day, and we will definitely be going back next week. We also learned there is a conversation club for German learners in Neugablonz, but it is at the same time and this was way to late to stay out if we have to walk home for 40 minutes.


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