I Have No Idea What’s Going On

Another three weeks have come and gone. Time is flying this fall!

The past three weeks have been elective modules. First I took a two week course titled Carbon Sequestration and Accounting. It ended up being very forestry heavy and the atmosphere of the class wasn’t great. However, there were two days spent on Life Cycle Analysis that made it totally worth it. Following was a week of Scientific Writing and Presenting. Most of my friends were taking this course, so it was a fun week.

Classes are now over for the year, but it’s not time to relax. I have about 3 months worth of work to do during the days while Herbert is at kindergarten. However, I’m looking forward to the “break” and the chance to finally accomplish everything.

On the immigration front, things have been weird. When William went to the immigration office to see if they had figured out how much money we need, they told him they didn’t want to see him again until December 10 to apply for his Fiktionsbescheinigung. That was a Tuesday. The previous week we had met with the international office at my school to explain the situation, and William has been keeping his boss up to date every step of the way.

On Thursday, I got an email from my school, asking us to come in Friday morning so she could report what she heard. Shortly after that, we got an email from William’s boss, saying he had talked to some people, and asking William to come in the next morning. Then shortly after that, William got a phone call from the immigration office. They wanted him to come into the office Friday morning, 11 days early.

So Friday morning came and we went to my school. Same old, same old. We’re not a family, performing a simple calculation to tell us how much money we need takes 3 months, etc. We left thinking, “Okay, so what are they going to tell us today?”

At the immigration office, they looked at William and Herbert’s documents, took their passport photos, and took William’s fingerprints. They had him pay for his Fiktionsbescheinigung, and handed him two applications for residence permits. Come back on Monday. No more documents are needed

Wait, what?! After all of that, everything they’ve put us through, after telling us and even my school that William and Herbert weren’t going to be able to apply until February, all of a sudden they can apply on Monday?

Oh, and, it turns out they made us pay for a Fiktionsbescheinigung for me as well. Even though I applied for my permit weeks ago, even though I am “not legally their family,” they handed William a Fiktionsbescheinigung for me. I was furious, but unfortunately no one in the immigration office speaks English, so I couldn’t say anything.

But, William went in the following Monday and submitted the applications. I sent in a list of questions and exactly 0 of them were answered. So we have absolutely no idea what is going on, why they changed their minds within hours of telling my school there’s nothing that will change their minds, or what is happening with my permit, which supposedly is a different, unrelated case that suddenly is the same case (without informing me of any of this).

But the applications are submitted. We’re simply praying that it wasn’t a fluke, and that we get our permits by the end of the year. Then William can work and we can finally start to settle in.

Meanwhile, Advent has started, the Christmas Market came and went, and Herbert got all kinds of fun treats in honor of St. Nikolaus. It feels like today is the first day I’ve seen the sun in weeks, and the days feel about 4 hours long (in reality they are 7.5 hours long). But it has been relatively warm the past couple days and we got our Christmas tree on Saturday. So all in all, today is a good day.


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  1. Nancy Ann Raitano Kratzer

    Now that is unreal Chloe, all people who work for the immigration department can speak English! They just are being stubborn and not helpful at all. Of coarse, for every permit you get in Germany, you have to pay for same. I went through that myself all the early years that I married my German husband in the USA. It was the same thing all the time. No permits are issued without charging you! But that is all over the work the same. You have to fight for your rights, just like William’s boss did. The immigration office treated you wrong and you should get an apology from them!


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