Going Back

It’s been a little over 3 years since we left Germany. Almost 3 years since we bought a house, had a beautiful baby boy, and settled into our new life. We started a business and made some truly amazing friends.

Something was always nagging at us. The first year and a half, we just pushed it away. Made peace with where God brought us. But it kept coming back. The longing to be back in Germany.

Last summer, we talked a lot. And researched a lot. And prayed a lot. We knew the best way to get back over would be for me (Chloe) to go to grad school. We learned that I would have the best chances 6 years or less after graduating. My 5 year reunion was last month. It would be cheapest if I complete my studies before I turn 30. I’ll be 28 this fall.

We had so many doubts, worries, anxieties, and simply so much that would have to be done! So we planned to go at that 6 year mark. But God has been poking and prodding us for the last year. Hints as well as pretty blatant signs. If we are going to go, it should be this year.

So we visited. We felt at home. It really is wonderful there. Herbert loved it just as much as we did. So I submitted my applications. And waited.

Herbert, living his best life

Funny thing about German universities. They don’t tell natives of their acceptance until August. Us internationals get the luxury of finding out in May or June. And that’s just…not a lot of time to get your life in order, find an apartment, find a kindergarten spot, and move your whole family across the ocean. But in May when we started talking about putting it off another year, God sent some pretty blatant signs that that wasn’t the plan.

So we kept waiting. Until finally, in June, we had two schools to choose from. We haven’t made a final decision yet, as we do more research and praying. But we have time. We’ve applied for student housing and kindergarten for Herbert. Both programs are taught entirely in English. Herbert will attend German Kindergarten. William will look for a job.

One way or another, we have plane tickets heading to Frankfurt on September 12. We have an endless list of things to accomplish, and not a lot of time to do them. We are anxious and sad to leave our home, but excited for this new chapter.



  1. Sarah

    Sadness for us! Sadness for Sleepy Eye! Will you sell your house? I am very jealous! We will keep you in our hearts and prayers!

    1. Chloe (Post author)

      Thank you! We are very sad to be leaving Sleepy Eye. We are hoping to sell our house.


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