10 Days at Home

Like I imagine in most homes across the globe, it’s been a weird Twilight Zone-y week and a half. Luckily, we had been expecting this and were able to spend the first two weeks of March preparing ourselves and our home.

My summer semester for school was schedule to start on the 16th. Everything has to be online now. Which, I’ll be honest, for a program that is heavily based on group work and discussions, is really difficult for the whole class.

Herbert’s first day at home was the 18th. Thankfully William is still working at this point, so it’s Herbert and I at home all day. Some days we follow our routine, eat healthy, learn letters, learn German, do worksheets (he has developed an obsession with worksheets), go outside, and have a great day. Other days he decides to take a 4 hour long bath, including eating his lunch in the bath tub. Those are also good days.

Juggling taking care of Herbert with school work has been very difficult. But, as in every other aspect of life nowadays, we are all learning how to handle the situation. My professors and classmates are aware of the situation and everyone is very understanding. Many others are also struggling.

Since Wednesday (I think? The days are all blurring together), Germany has had a stay-at-home order and has banned meetings of more than 2 people, excluding those you live with. We are still allowed to go grocery shopping and go outside for exercise. Thank goodness, since the weather has been gorgeous!

Presently this is our life until April 20. Current statements are that after Easter, officials will have a better feel of if things need to be extended. But we are all operating under the assumption that closures will be extended further. As of March 28, Germany has over 53,000 confirmed cases, just around 400 deaths, and over 6,500 people recovered (John Hopkins University). Our county has 62 cases (Robert Koch-Institut). If you are curious about Germany’s death rate, current thoughts are that it is due to extremely thorough testing. Here’s an interesting article about why death rates are different in different countries.

But outside of the stress of school, we’re doing well. As introverts we’ve been training for this. William is the only one of our family that has contact with other people; since he is working, he also runs the errands. But the internet is a wonderful thing. We’ve been talking with family and friends more than ever, and we have the most amazing silver lining of being able to watch the Mass at St. Mary’s in Sleepy Eye every day.

Today is also the 11th anniversary of William’s and my first date. It was spent cleaning and doing school work. But Herbert made us spaghetti for lunch, which was very nice of him.

All cooking was supervised by a responsible adult.

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  1. Nancy

    Great to read your up-date Chloe and how big Herbert got! We are having a heavy snow fall right this minute and all day today so far where we live in Eggenthal.


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